About Us

About Aditi:

As a young girl, it often bothered me to take a trip outside the comforts and cleanliness of my home. As a member of my small town, Jaipur that is typically known for urban sprawl and an ever-growing manufacturing sector, the vision of all this textile and manufacturing waste accumulating to form mountains of waste at landfills was a living nightmare. My sister and I knew this would irreversibly deteriorate the quality of life on this planet, and that we had to do something about it as members of the Gen Z community.

With immense support from my parents who’re both successful entrepreneurs and provide service to our environment by planting 500 trees annually in an industrial area, making their factory plastic-free, and promoting the use of cloth bags, I was encouraged to get my entrepreneurial juices going and focus on what seemed to disturb me the most: the luxury of fast fashion.

As a social entrepreneur, I am aiming to be the leading brand in the slow fashion movement. I not only want to encourage people to buy my jewellery and uplift my brand, but I also want to promote conscious living wherein we understand the chain reaction that our activities incite.

About Anaya:

While reading a newspaper is deemed to be one of the most imperative and intellectual habits, I often evaded from it. Opening up the two massive folds of paper, unfurled what seemed to be an avalanche of societal evils. From polluting rivers, soil erosion, deforestation, carbon footprint to flooding. Environmental unrest had to be tackled. Thus, came the genesis of Gemeco. My sister and I merged our drive to combat this issue along with our entrepreneurial vision. Our aim was simple: promote sustainability in a way that appeals to the masses, to work this cause into their lifestyle. Gemeco is an ethical fashion business that provides beautiful, classic jewellery with a twist: sustainability.