Our Impact

Vision statement:

Be the leader of the slow fashion movement in jewellery.

Mission statement 

Educate and encourage people to buy jewellery that supports sustainability provide fashion-forward jewellery, at affordable prices and excellent quality.

Our problem:

Jewellery, in its truest sense, is a luxury commodity. The sole price of mining is ginormous, one that is shouldered by our entire community, ecosystem and most importantly, the gen alpha. This coupled with the trend of fast fashion generates unimaginable consequences for our planet.

To understand the ugly reality behind this glimmering facade, one must look at the roots of this commodity: raw material.

Geological deposits are finite, and constant artisanal mining in search for “high price-low supply” gemstones and metals over and above what the environment can support has led to deforestation, poaching, river siltation, and loss of biodiversity.

More so, outside of the realms of the gem & jewellery industry, we make ample amounts of waste: textile waste (leather, cloth and thread), and construction waste (marble and wood). And this waste is non-biodegradable, the much dreaded 2 letter word that environmentalists fear even in their unconsciousness. And there is absolutely a reason to fear it: mounts of non-reusable wastes, surmounting to the uglification of earth and the emission of methane to unparalleled levels is not a pretty sight.

And here at gemeco, we are trying to solve this problem at grassroots level, joining in with the existing brands in their movement towards slow fashion.


Slow fashion is the movement of designing, creating, and buying fashion commodities for quality and longevity. It encourages slower production schedules, fair wages, lower carbon footprints, and (ideally) zero waste.

And we, at gemeco, are practising it wholeheartedly.

Our solution: 

By reallocating non-biodegradable waste and using materials that are biodegradable in essence, we aim to reduce the burden of obsolete materials that the earth has to carry.

The marble and wood we procure straight from construction sites, and even broken pieces of howlite that are usually thrown away are used to create pieces that not just look savvy, but are also the epitome of efficient resource usage.

With the advent of technology, humans can now avail gemstones that are crafted in a lab by the wizardry of science. These lab-grown gemstones (diamonds) are alike in every since except for two: they’re cheaper and are more sustainable. We use this boon of science and technology to craft our jewellery, and we encourage consumers, alike, to not be anachronistic while purchasing jewellery.